Celebrating Folkcorn's 40th anniversary and other news


This is a message to our non-Dutch speaking audience in The Netherlands and abroad.

Dear friends,

In 2013 we'll celebrate our 40th anniversary. Folkcorn, established in 1973, is one of the oldest Dutch groups playing traditional music. Our repertoire consists of historic popular music from the early Netherlands and contains songs to be listenend to, such as ballads, as also joyful instrumental pieces including dance music. Since 1973 we have been digging up treasure from the music and lyrics left to us by past musicians and composers. Folkcorn has discovered dance tunes and songs about love and war, eating and drinking, highwaymen and knights. Folkcorn plays some tunes in the original setting, while others are more contemporary.

Jubilee-concert April 5th, 2013
If you are in The Netherlands we herewith invite you to come to our jubilee-concert in Wageningen on Friday April 5th from 8.30 PM. Location: Travelling theater next to Junushoff Theatre, Plantsoen 3, Wageningen. Open from 7.30 P.M. Don't be late! Admission free.

More concerts in The Netherlands:
On Sunday June 9th Folkcorn plays at the first edition of “Art and Music on Sunday” in the village of Renkum, near Wageningen. Location: The historic farm “Everwijnsgoed” at Bennekomseweg 160 (in the woods between Bennekom and Renkum). We play between 2 and 4.30 P.M. Admission free.

On Sunday June 23rd Folkcorn plays in the Saint Johns walking-tour in Wageningen, starting from the Marketplace and via Hoogstraat and Generaal Foulkesweg leading to the historic location on the “Wageningse Berg” where long ago the first inhabitants of Wageningen settled down. There there will be a meal with live music. Admission free, please bring your own food and drinks. This event is inspired by the Saint Johns processions that were held in Wageningen in former times.

Folkcorn abroad:
In preparation: Between 18 and 23 September Folkcorn will play at the 4th International Folk Festival of the city of Voronezh, Russia.
In case you can’t come to Russia or The Netherlands this year: Please note - We’d love to come over and share our early Dutch and Flemish folk music with you, wherever you are!

(maandag 1 april 2013)

Extra: Wageningen, Renkum, Voronezh