Early Dutch and Flemish folkmusic

Dear visitor, welcome at Folkcorn's homepage. Most of our site is in Dutch but some texts were translated or summarized in other languages. Your comments and questions are welcome, our e-mail address is: More contact information is at the bottom of this page. Clips and tracks on youtube .

emptyOur repertory is early Dutch and Flemish folkmusic from about 1400-1900. As you may know in former days national frontiers and linguistic borders were different from how they are today. Therefore one can find similarities in music and lyrics between early Dutch folkmusic and the early music of Holland's present-day neighbours Belgium and Germany. With other European countries there was a "crossover" too, by sailors, soldiers, merchants and the like. Likewise travelling musicians, among others from Italy, contributed to the musical cultures of, for example, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Folkcorn consists of four persons: Anneke Rot, Marja van der Zee, Jitze Kopinga and Laurens van der Zee. Anneke and Laurens are a couple and Marja and Jitze too. And there is the added advantage of Laurens and Marja being brother and sister. Easy travelling guaranteed!

emptyWe call ourselves a semi-professional group, that is we strive for professional quality but we earn a living with other jobs.
Folkcorn is an association by Dutch law. Our objective is the interest in the early folkmusic of The Netherlands. We do this first of all by performing in our own country and abroad, by which we're happy to give an explanation about the music and the instruments. Also we advise people on how to throw a really consistent and smashing Medieval party and the like, and we answer questions on folkmusic with the aid of the documentation in our possession.

For your information: We live in Wageningen, an old town with 37.000 inhabitants. Wageningen is located in the centre of Holland, 20 kilometres West of Arnhem and some 90 kilometres South-East of Amsterdam.

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