Folkmetal and Folkcorn

Folkcorn at presentation of folkmetal-cd June 2010

On saturdaynight June 5 th. the Dutch folkmetal band Mondvolland presented its new cd. The event took place in a cafe in Arnhem. The Flemish folkmetal band Huldrefolk ( Medieval Trollish pestkült) was also invited. In between these "severe beatings and impolite torments", we played our early Dutch and Flemish folk music our way, as we've been doing since 1973. Take a look at their poster here. How did we get involved in this scene, filled with enthousiastic musicians twice as young as we are? For many years Folkcorn has been receiving young folkmetal musicians at our rehearsals. To our surprise, some of them are fans of our music. They found us in their search for West-European traditional themes as sources for their own songs. On some tracks of Mondvolland's cd Folkcorn-musician Laurens van der Zee can be heard on recorders. And believe it or not, at the wedding of somebody from Netherland's most famous folk metal group, we were The Band! Needless to say, the marriage was in a castle...

(dinsdag 1 juni 2010)