Retrospect on 2006/207

New programme on traditional baalads (only in Dutch)

In this restless culture of today with its oneliners, soundbits and superfast videoclips there is almost no time anymore for a quiet concert in which musicians sing those medieval ballads like their colleagues did some centuries ago, with a public that is not in a hurry and is ready to absorb every word of these longer narrative songs on  love-affairs, battles and sieges, famines and deeds of courage or neighbourly love. As in many cultures, the Dutch and Flemish have lots a them, some famous, some forgotten. Recently Folkcorn has from its own repertoire and from many other sources dug up and arranged  tens of traditional ballads, enough to fill programmes of between 60 and 240 minutes (!!). On October 15th 2006 we held an opening performance of three hours in a sold-out theatre-restaurant at the river Rhine in our hometown Wageningen. Drinks and very tasty “slow food” were included in the admission. A tremendous success! Worth learning Dutch for!
The siege of the city of Eindhoven, Photo Erick de Braal.
"The siege of the city of Eindhoven", Photo Erick de Braal

(zondag 1 januari 2006)